Soul Academy – Can’t Control The Way I Feel EP, available on Beatport , Traxsource etc…

After our first release on vinyl, now in digital format with extra remixes. Soul Academy presents a very original track with remixes of Phasen, Phil Maher, Deephope, Deepdoon, Stefan S and Charlie Symphonia.




The first Vinyl is coming…

It is a great pleasure to announce that soon we will release our first vinyl, and I say with all the pride of the world, vinyl lovers will understand me to say these words, because vinyl is the most physical form the most palpable way of feeling the music while mixing, times change and we must adapt to the new vanguards but the vinyl love us forever.

Here you have the page where all the information about this release, will be limited to 250 copies and can sign for a list created if you do not get your copy.

I have to mention especially to Soul Academy, because this would not have been possible without it, you are very great! Thousand Thanks!